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<p class="font_8">Our sister store, EL CIELO Honolulu, was featured in the Waikiki special edition of "Adult Hawaii 2024."</p>


Honolulu store featured in "Adult Hawaii" 2024

<p class="font_8">``EL CIELO HAWAII HONOLULU'' was chosen as the most recommended new restaurant by a Frolic writer from over 50 new restaurants opening in 2023.</p>


Honolulu store selected as 2023 Best Restaurant in Hawaii

<p class="font_8">As information related to Hyogo, we were introduced to the NEW OPEN of "EL CIELO Kitanozaka store".</p>


Introduced in Kobe Shimbun NEXT

<p class="font_8">4 minutes walk from Kobe Sannomiya Station. We opened as a sister restaurant to EL CIELO, which is ranked number one in Hawaii's Spanish restaurant category on the review site YELP.</p>


Kitanosaka store grand opening announcement

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