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Lunch-only course
It is the lunch-limited reasonable, advantageous short course where the mini-cake was bundled with a drink after a meal. I can have the real dessert more separately.
♦︎Today's soup
♦︎Today's appetizer
♦︎Choice of pasta or pizza
♦︎Choice of today's main dish
♦︎After-meal sweets
♦︎After-meal drink
Recommended Tours

(than two people)

This is a recommended dinner course that features a carefully selected selection of the restaurant's most recommended dishes.
♦︎Appetizer: Today's fresh fish carpaccio
♦︎Appetizer: Japanese black beef roast beef with tonnato sauce
♦︎Pizza: EL CIELO's special gourmet pizza (choose one from the following)
⚪︎Raw shrimp and avocado, stracciatella
⚪︎Carbonara, pecorino crema, guanciale
⚪︎Japanese black beef thigh tartare, truffle and egg yolk sauce
♦︎Homemade pasta (choose one item from the main menu)
♦︎Main dish
⚪︎Grilled Iberian pork shoulder
⚪︎Roasted Japanese black beef lean meat (+¥1000)
♦︎Today's dessert
♦︎After-meal drink (please choose one from the following)
⚪︎Lakushimi's Premium Honey Chamomile
Chef's Special Course
(than two people)
We offer a satisfying time with carefully selected ingredients, focusing on seasonal ingredients. Please use this restaurant for a meal with your loved ones.
♦︎Handmade pasta
♦︎Handmade pasta
♦︎Fish dishes
♦︎Main dishes
Other single menu items and drinks including wine are also available.
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